All videography is prohibited, and please no flash photography.

medium_2434203748Let’s discuss all the ways that I love watching myself on video.




Me either.

I am not a fan of watching myself on video. It combines two things I don’t enjoy at all: seeing my body and hearing my own voice played back, usually with a low sound quality.

Photos are bad enough, and they are fairly easy to stage, light creatively, angle JUST SO, and photoshop beyond all reasonable recognition. In fact, I could probably make myself look like Marvin the Martian in under three minutes with very little effort.

If you’ve read past posts, you know that am a musician/singer who used to study audio production, and I’ve had some training in playing with manipulating sound files. So if I am just dealing with a voice recording and a couple of computer programs, I can take the glitches out of that and make myself sound pretty darned good.

But home video? I end up looking like Barney in goth makeup and sounding like Gilbert Gottfried.

Needless to say, I am not super sad that my computer doesn’t have a built-in webcam.

photo credit: J Deamer via photopin cc

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